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  • Gerard Irvine

Systems Failure

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

What do you do when a project is failing?

Projects are the tip of the spear in your business, they are the driving force behind new and innovative ways of working. Projects are inherently risky, as they haven't been done before (at least by you, in your business).

We used to say in the Army, "No plan survives the first shot", and while I hope no one takes a shot at you at work. Understanding that plans have to evolve as new circumstances present themselves, is critical for project success.

ALL OVER CONSULTING News - System Failure

Here's 3 ways to overcome first contact with the enemy:

  1. Show leadership: When things go wrong, your team will look for leadership, if there is none, they may start to blame each other. This will be exacerbated if you do nothing, so explain the situation and nip any blaming in the bud.

  2. Stay calm: Sometimes the best thing to do is to see what happens next. There may not be any real problem, so before taking action, taking the time to investigate and understand the situation.

  3. Work together: Your project team is your best resource, in crafting a solution. They understand the situation and will have unique insights into the problem. As soon as practical get ALL project staff together, and develop the way forward. No on has a monopoly on good ideas, and it may just be the junior member that knows what's best.

  4. So before your project starts to fail, ensure you have a process for overcoming first contact, whatever the enemy may be...