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  • Gerard Irvine

The Self-Made Leader

'Leaders are born not made', this is a common statement from those that want to not only lead others, but rule others. A statement like this, comes with the connotations of 'I'm the leader, you're the follower'. When made by powerful people, this statement ensures there is no room for others to be leaders, or oppose their place in the world.

But I want to tell you a's bullshit!

Trait theory (notice the second word there), proposes that there are certain traits and personality types that are pre-disposed to leadership. I'm not going to lie, this is 100% true, people that are fun, charismatic, well-spoken and confident are going to have an easier time if they try to be a leader. But when since did easy times make great leaders??

The self-made leaders, the ones that weren't pre-disposed to the opportunity; these people have overcome so many barriers, have worked and worked and worked, to become better people. They have worked from the bottom to become the best, with no free-rides along the way. These are the true leaders, they know what it takes to better one-self and in my opinion are truly deserving of the title...leader.

How did they do it? Hard work, determination, persistence, dedication, focus, education, drive and self-awareness. They were able to understand what they lacked and pursue the education required, they pursued opportunities that gave them experience and strived for continuous improvement.

Anyone can be a leader, you just have to want it.