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  • Gerard Irvine

Why curiosity is becoming the next top business skill...

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Did curiosity actually kill the cat??

We all have heard the saying, 'curiosity killed the cat', and that may have once been right, but in the new fast paced world, curiosity could be the safest place to be.

ALL OVER CONSULTING News - Why curiosity is becoming the next top business skill

Curiosity was once ill advised, curiosity was dangerous.

Avoiding curiosity stopped our past ancestors from travelling on oceans or interacting with the neighbouring tribe.

In more recent times, we have learnt not to be curious because it enabled a smooth learning process, devoid of tangents or wrong turns that could throw off the mandated lessons at school.

A select few have been driven by curiosity to explore our world and connect people, discover and build connected communities, but it is a trait that is few and far between.

Today, curiosity and experimentation can be your saviour, we are living in a fluid time, where quickly pivoting and adapting to changing circumstances is becoming the new norm and required for survival.

But to be ready for rapid change we must be on the lookout for areas to pivot too! This is where curiosity comes in, the curious are always exploring, investigating and analysing, they see opportunities that others don't, they look where others won't and are open to ideas that others aren't.

So develop your curiosity, understand how things work, discover why people do what they do, look at trends and early adopters and investigate what drives them. It will make for a better and more exciting career, ensure companies are better positioned and provide stability in turbulent times.